The Marine Biological Association of India (MBAI), the first of its kind in Asia was founded in 1958 by the eminent marine biologist Dr. Santhappan Jones. As the founder President, Dr Jones made clear the objectives of the Association on the occasion of the inauguration of the Association on 3rd January, 1959 by stating that “Marine biology is an infant science in this country. India has a long coastline and our marine resources remain inadequately explored and under-exploited. The object of the Association is to create a dynamic interest in the pursuit of marine sciences and raise the status, of this country in the study of this discipline. The Association is looking forward with courage and hope towards the achievement of this goal….”

Immediately after the Association was formed, within 6 months, a scientific Journal was initiated and the Noble laureate, Sir C.V. Raman, the then president of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore messaged on the occasion that ‘it is most fitting that the men of science in India who are actively interested in marine biology should band themselves into an Association and promote a journal which would be a forum for the publication of the results of their studies’. Dr. Jones, a great visionary of science dedicated his entire life to administer and implement research programs on marine ecology and fisheries. Under this stewardship, and, by the concerted efforts of several researchers, this branch of science progressed from its infancy to a multidisciplinary modern day science.


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  Bisnuram Medhi's Message (Governor of Madras)
  C.V. Raman's Message
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