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Name of the Awardee: Saumoya Ghosh & Ankita Purkayastha.

University: Annamalai University

Topic of the Study: Polychaete fishing and its ecological implications along the Tamilnadu Coast- A case

Guide: Dr. P. Murugesan


Highlights of the study

The present study was made by undertaking primary and secondary surveys with the view to collect data on places of polychaete collection along the Tamilnadu coast and to ascertain the impact of polychaete harvesting on the ecology of surrounding environment. Periodical survey has been made in three major coastal regions located in Tamilnadu which include Pichavaram Mangrove forest, Cuddalore Dist. Thengaithittu located at Puducherry and N4 beach located at Kasimedu, Chennai Dist.

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Name of the Awardee: Ms. Rachana Rao

University: National Centre for Biological Sceince

Topic of the Study: Mechanisms driving seagrass species coexistence in a mixed meadow in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Guide:Dr. Elrika DSouza

Highlights of the study

The physical environment is the canvas on which other processes unfold and it can be a major determinant on how important these factors are in determining species co occurrence patterns. Intertidal systems give us a glimpse of how important these environmental filters can be, where sub-metre changes in the physical environment can create a complex patchwork of conditions that each species has to navigate through, according to their own individual tolerances. This study still requires an additional effort to be even more generalizable at spatial and temporal scales.


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