About Us

The Marine Biological Association of India was established in the year1958 to serve the cause of promotion of research on marine sciences in the Asia-Pacific region. Enshrined in the articles of the association is the primary cause to create among its members an active interest in the field of marine biology and allied marine sciences. The association carries out this objective by:

Organising lectures, symposia and seminars on specific subjects

Offering requisite information to research workers and studentsUndertaking research in marine biological sciences
Publishing the Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India (JMBAI)
Publishing occasional Memoirs, Monographs andBibliographies on topics of current interest in marine biology
Instituting fellowships and studentships to research workers at various recognized institutions
Sponsoring and aiding expeditions in Indian Seas
Institution of prizes in recognition of outstanding contributions towards advancement of marine biological sciences

From all over the world Institutional Members constitute nearly 1000. During the past 50 years, the Association has conducted a number of international symposia focusing attention on specific areas of topical interest in marine biology. These were on Scombroid fishes (1962); Crustacea (1965); Mollusca (1968); Corals and Corel Reefs (1969); Indian Ocean and Adjacent Seas (1971); Coastal Aquaculture (1980); Endangered Marin Animals and Marine Parks (1985); Tropical Marine Living Resources (1988): and Eco-friendly Mariculture Technologies (2000) Perspectives in Mariculture (2001), Mairne Ecosystems Challenges and Opportunities MECOS-09, Challenges in Marine Mammal Conservation and Research in the Indian Ocean CIMCAR-2011, MECOS2(2014) and MECOS3 (2020).

The papers presented in the symposia have been published as proceedings which have been well received in different parts of the world. The monographs, memoirs and bibliographies published by the MBAI are widely used by the scientific community.

The official organ of the Association, the Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India is being published from 1959 and has now completed more than 63 volumes containing over 4300 scientific papers. Most of these papers are of seminal nature, and therefore, the journal has attained the status of a premier journal in the field of marine science with a NAAS impact factor of 5.40.

The Association is administered by President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, an Associate Secretary, a Treasurer, an Editor with two Associate Editors and six Executive Members. The Association functions within the premises of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) at Cochin, Kerala State, India.