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Name of the Awardee: Shamika S. Sawant

University: Central Institute of Fisheries Education

Topic of the study: Bioremediation of a widespread UV filter, Oxybenzone in Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs) using a combination of the duckweed Lemna minor and Biocharbased system

Guide: Dr Vidya Shree Bharti


Highlights of the study

Overall, this study provides the baseline information about the toxicity of OBZ towards Lemna minor that are one of the major primary producers in aquatic ecosystems. Based on overall observations, it is concluded that OBZ has a negative impact on the growth and metabolism of the freshwater aquatic plant. It is further concluded that bioremediation of OBZ using biochar and Lemna minor will serve as a promising environment-friendly technique for the efficient removal of OBZ from the aquatic environment attaining a significant removal of OBZ from the system.


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Name of the Awardee: Jessica Barman

University: Pondicherry University

Topic of the study: Bioaccumulation of microplastics in seafood from Andaman waters

Guide: Dr (Prof) R. Mohanraju


Highlights of the study

It can be understood based on the findings that the seafood that is being consumed in Andaman is contaminated with microplastics. Furthermore, presence of microplastics in zooplanktons also suggest that microplastics are retained in every trophic level. Presence of microplastics in large number has been found in edible tissues of the seafood samples which suggest microplastics are being taken up by humans through direct consumption.


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