Kids Zone



To impart and share knowledge on marine life to children and students and to inculcate a spirit of scientific enquiry about oceans and seas among the younger generation.

How we do it?


1. If you are a member of MBAI and wish to spare time and effort to fulfill the above objective sign up here, MBAI will add your name in its roster of those willing to spend time with children and fix up knowledge sharing time with them. Your
commitment would be for a maximum of half-a-day in 3-4 months.

2. If you are a student – ask you school science and nature club teacher to visit this webpage and sign up for activities.

3. If you are teacher in charge of the school science and nature club, sign up here to participate in the following marine
life  knowledge packages.

Marine Life Knowledge packs

A. Knowledge Pack on Backwater & Mangroves

Participate in a half-day field trip to a backwater/mangrove region and learn about the fascinating flora and fauna in these unique habitats. You will be guided by a couple of expert marine biologists on how mangroves contribute in making our lives better.

B. Knowledge Pack on Marine Fisheries

Join with a fishery biologist and visit a marine fishing harbor. Learn about the different boats and nets and how fishermen catch fish. Learn about the different varieties of fish, crustaceans and molluscs inhabiting our seas. Also learn how fish reaches your home and plate.

C. Knowledge Pack on Plankton & Benthic Fauna

Participate in boat trip and find out how marine biologists collect plankton (microscopic floating plants and animals) and benthic fauna from the backwaters. Learn about these unique microscopic plants and animals and how they play a key role in the ecosystem.

D. Knowledge Pack on Fish/ Shrimp/ Oyster Farm

Visit one of these farms along with aquaculture scientists and learn about how these animals are farmed. Look into the ecology of the surrounding habitats and learn how science is helping people to make a better living.

E. Knowledge Pack on Fish and Shellfish Biology

Spent a half-day in a fishery biology laboratory and learn from scientists how they cut open a fish, crustacean or mollusc and get to know their internal body organs. Get to know whether it is a male or female, how many eggs are there and what it is eating… much more

F. Knowledge Pack on Marine Aquaria

Keeping a marine aquarium at home is a very technical job requiring a lot of inputs. Learn from the experts on how to build marine aquaria, where to source fishes and how to maintain them. Enjoy learning about marine fish life histories.


1. The knowledge packs are subject to change based on season and availability of personnel.
2. Not all coastal cities in India are covered. Enquire with MBAI to know whether your city is covered.
3. The field trips are restricted to secondary school and senior secondary school students and the groups must be accompanied by a teacher.
4. The field trips are also restrictive in the number of students who can participate.
5. The MBAI will not bear the expenses of transport of student groups to the point for joining the field visit. The MBAI will make all logistic arrangements and provide the services of marine biology experts.
6. While every care will be taken to ensure a safe, pleasurable and educative trip, the safety of the students is the responsibility of the teachers accompanying them.