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Marine Biological Association of India (MBAI)

The Marine Biological Association of India was established in the year 1958 to serve the cause of promotion of research on marine sciences in the Asia -Pacific region. Enshrined in the articles of the association is the primary cause to create among its members an active interest in the field of marine biology and allied marine sciences.From all over the world Institutional Members constitute nearly 1000. During the past 60 years, the Association has conducted a number of international symposia focusing attention on specific areas of topical interest in marine biology. The papers presented in the symposia have been published as proceedings which have been well received in different parts of the world.


The MBAI has published over 25 books, monographs and symposium proceedings from the 1960s onwards. Some of these publications are very rare. Browse and order for copies...


The Journal publishes original contributions dealing with the following fields of investigations. Phytoplankton, marine algae, zooplankton, nekton, benthos...