Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 1 Issue 2

On the concealing behaviour of the Tigerfish Tkerapon jarbua (Forskal)

E. G. Silas and Dawsone Egbert

In October 1959 while collecting fish from shallow waters in the lagoon near
Pullamadam, about two miles from the Central Marine Fisheries Research Station, Mandapam Camp, one of us (E.G.S.) noticed sprouts of ' mud clouds' rising from the bottom at certain points. This phenomenon was repeatedly seen at certain spots five to ten metres ahead while slowly wading through the water and eventually their origins were traced to the openings of the burrows of the ocypodid crab Macrophthalmus depressus Riippell.


Therpan jarbua, mud cloud, concealing behaviour, lagoon, Pullamadam, south east coast of India

Date : 30-12-1959