Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 1 Issue 2

Studies on the free amino acid contents of species of Caulerpa from Bombay.

Lewis E J and A. Gonzalves Ella

The protein hydrolysates of three species of Caulerpa viz., Caulerpa racemosa (Forsk.) J. Ag. var. uvifera (Turn.) Web. v. B. f. condensata (Kutz.) Web. v. B., Caulerpa peltata (Lamx.) Web. v. B. var. typica Web. v. B. and Caulerpa sertularioides Gmel. f. typica Web. v. B, have been recorded by the authors (Lewis and Gonzalves, 1959 a). They have recorded, also, the.protein hydrolysates in the erect and creeping fronds of the same three species (Lewis and Gonzalves, 1959 b). This paper deals with the free amino acid contents of whole plants and erect fronds of the three aforesaid species of Caulerpa. 
The free amino acid contents of marine algae have been studied recently by workers such as Coulson (1953), Smith and Young (1953), Young and Smith (1958), Jones (1958) and Lewis and Gonzalves (1959,c); but, so far, except for the work of Lewis and Gonzalves (1959 c), no results of investigations on the free amino acid contents of marine algae from the cpast of India have been published. 


 Caulerpa  spp., free amino acids, Bombay

Date : 07-12-1959