Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 49 Issue 1
Reproductive biology of half-rough-back pufferfish, Lagocephalus spadiceus
Rukmini Sirisha, I. and P. Yedukondala Rao
The reproductive biology of the half- rough- back pufferfish Lagocephalus spadiceus off Visakhapatnam
(Latitude 17° 41’N, Longitutude 83°17’E) is reported. The observations showed that males are smaller than
females. Sex-ratio indicated that males were dominant in the catches. A scale of six stages of maturity of
gonads has been identified. Fecundity varied from 69,707 to 6, 16,956. Spawning takes place throughout the
year with a peak during January to March. The size at first maturity is found to be 170 mm total length.
Reproductive biology, pufferfish, Lagocephalus spadiceus
Date : 20-02-2008