Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 63 Issue 1

Sponge fauna of the Lakshadweep Islands of Indian Ocean

M. S. Varsha, M. Sethulakshmi, K. K. Joshi, Molly Varghese, P. A. Thobias, K. Vinod, K. R. Sreenath, Aju K. Raju, Alvin Anto, A. Reshma Prasad, Jose Kingsly, M. S. Parvathy, K. B. Sheeba, C. Raghunathan and A. Gopalakrishnan

The present study deals with four new records of sponges found at Lakshadweep area and a checklist of sponges reported off. The new records are Agelas oroides, Callyspongia (Cladochalina) aculeata, Raspailia (Clathriodendron) arbuscula and Stylissa massa. Details about the species diversity of common sponges, massive sponges, boring sponges of the area are discussed and presented.


New records, Agelas, Callyspongia, Raspailia, Stylissa, massive sponges, boring sponges

Date : 17-05-2021