Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 60 Issue 2

Gender Mainstreaming in Women SHGs through Seafood Kitchens in Kerala: An Appraisal

V. P. Vipinkumar, R. Narayanakumar, C. Ramachandran, Reshma Gills, N. K. Harshan, P. V. Athira, Annmary Jephi, G. Dhanya, S. Shalumol and P. Dona

An appraisal on the impact of SHGs in gender mainstreaming was undertaken on the seafood kitchen units operating at Pooyya of Thrissur District and Pookode of Wayanadu District in Kerala. Performance assessment of the SHGs, gender analysis, empowerment analysis and economic feasibility analysis were carried out based on socio-economic surveys and personal interviews using pre-tested and structured data collecting protocols with standardized scales and indices involving the members of the SHGs. The quantification of empowerment Index was done based on 8 relevant dimensions constituting it. The male and female counterparts of the families were separately interviewed to assess the gender mainstreaming aspects in terms of equity and equality to resource access, participation profile, decision making aspects, gender need analysis etc. The scales standardized for Empowerment Index’ and ‘Performance Assessment’ for this study have ample potential for future use in other key areas on a sustainable basis. The lacunae identified in computation of Empowerment Index give distinct feedback to authorities to proceed in the right direction. The gender dimension analysis on mainstreaming aspect gives sensitization on crucial issues like women fisher folk’s rights and marketing channels for policies and other interventions on gender. Inter relationships between the variables measured in the study can act as catalytic points for group empowerment on a sustainable basis. The indicative economics worked out for the economic feasibility analysis of the SHGs suggests that, the unit takes three years to break even. A success story was elucidated and documented as a video documentary which can be used as a practical manual and case model for promoting group action for mobilizing SHGs on a sustainable basis. 


Self-help group, Empowerment index, gender mainstreaming, performance level

Date : 30-01-2019