Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 59 Issue 1

Effect of salinity on digestive gland of estuarine clam Paphia laterisulca

Shital S. Taware, Vishwajeet M. Lagade1 and Deepak V. Muley2

Present investigation was aimed to study the seasonal variation in salinity induced histological alterations in digestive gland of estuarine clam Paphia laterisulca. In this study, clams (35-40 mm) were exposed to lower salinity ranges (100% to 10%) during all three seasons (summer, post-monsoon and winter). Salinity induced histological alterations in clam was prominently observed below 70% salinity range of exposure. On the basis of histological changes in digestive gland, it is clear that, overall lower salinity tolerance limit of the clam is up to 70% salinity i.e. 30% reduction in salinity as compared to the normal salinity of estuary in that season. Below their adaptive limit of the salinity range of 50% and 40% salinity, critical structural alterations in hepatopancreas were marked in the clam species.


Paphia laterisulca, salinity, digestive gland, histology, seasons

Date : 30-06-2017