Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 58 Issue 1

DNA barcoding of fiddler crabs Uca annulipes and U. perplexa (Arthropoda, Ocypodidae) from the southwest coast of India

K. P. Apreshgi, K. V. Dhaneesh, Tresa Radhakrishnan and A. Biju Kumar

DNA barcoding of fiddler crabs Uca annulipes and U. perplexa from the
mangrove ecosystems of the southwest coast of India has been carried
out. The sequencing of mitochondrial CO1 gene confirmed the identification of the species. The record of the specimen U. perplexa from the eastern Arabian Sea shows the continuous distribution of the species from African coast to the Bay of Bengal.


fiddler crabs, DNA barcoding, Kerala, distribution.

Date : 15-06-2016