Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 54 Issue 2
Length-weight relationship, condition factor and sex ratio of Uroteuthis (Photololigo) duvaucelii (d’Orbigny, 1848) from Goa, west coast of India
Asheesh Shivam Mishra*, Prakash Nautiyal and V.S. Somvanshi1 /doi: 10.6024/jmbai.2012.54.2.01704-11
The length-weight relationship study on the squid Uroteuthis duvaucelii (d’Orbigny, 1848) was determined from Goa waters.The relationship was expressed as W=0.0875L1.6134 for male and w= 0.0330L1.6723 for female. The test of linearity shows that weight increases significantly with increase in total length of the fish, and growth was allometric. The relative condition factor (Kn) is low for male (0.911 to 1.16) compared to the female (0.911to 1.49). In both male and female, Kn values were highest at low size group 40-80 mm and decreases gradually from 200 to 240 mm size group. Sex ratio was peculiar because the number of males is exceedingly higher than females in 40-80 and 200-240 mm size compared to other size groups. In the whole stock, the percentage of males declines with increase in size. In case of females no pattern was obtained. The male:female ratio for the Goa stock was 1:0.56. Males were dominant in all size group (except 160-200 mm). Sex-ratio varied and differed significantly.
Uroteuthis duvaucelii, Goa coast, allometric growth,condition factor, sex ratio
Date : 31-01-2013