Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 51 Issue 1
Impact of institutional dissemination of technologies and extension services on marine fisheries and mariculture to stakeholders
V. P. Vipinkumar, R. Sathiadhas and H. K. De
The Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) is a single window delivery system for technology transfer from research institutes to potential clients. An attempt was made to assess the

impact of ATIC in terms of dissemination of technology, products and services on the outcomes of marine fisheries and mariculture research by Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute from beneficiaries' point of view. A well-structured and pre-tested interview schedule was used to collect primary data from a sample of 30 beneficiaries for each product / service of ATIC. Results indicated that among the technological inputs and products, the highest level of satisfaction was for the sale of algal inoculums and aquarium fish feed followed by dry fish products supplied by women's Self Help Groups. Water sample analysis, feed composition analysis and shrimp seed screening using PCR test are the major items of satisfaction among the diagnostic services. With regard to priced publications, the most preferred published pamphlet was 'Aquarium fish keeping' followed by 'Mussel farming', 'Marine ornamental fishes' and 'Marine fisheries management'. Among farm advisory services, general ATIC services followed by 'Shrimp feed' and advisory services concerned with bivalve culture and marine ornamentals ranked top.
Impact assessment, ATIC, technology products and services
Date : 01-09-2009