Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 49 Issue 2
Isolation and characterization of phytase producing Bacillus strains from mangrove ecosystem
Imelda Joseph* and R. Paul Raj
Five aerobic endospore-forming bacilli, isolated from mangrove soil at Cochin, Kerala, India, which produce phytase enzyme, were taxonomically characterized. There were two strains of Bacillus circulans (MTCC 7635 and 7636), one strain each of B. licheniformis (MTCC 6824) and B. pantothenicus (MTCC 7638), and one was identified as Bacillus sp. (MTCC 7637). All strains were alkalophilic with B. licheniformis and B. pantothenticus tolerating pH up to 11, and other strains up to pH 9. All the strains were thermotolerant with B. licheniformis with good growth at 55oC. B. pantothenicus was found to be halotolerant species and tolerated 10% NaCl.
Phytase, Bacillus, mangrove
Date : 22-07-2008