Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 47 Issue 2

Removal of nitrogen load in the experimental culture system of seaweed and shrimp

C. Seema and Reeta Jayasankar

The green seaweed Ulva reticulata used as co-culture species for monitoring the changes in toxic nitrogenous wastes in the shrimp culture system was found to efficiently remove ammonical nitrogen from 249.5 to 17.39 pmol nitrogen11 (94%). The nitrate nitrogen reduced from 28.39 to 24.21 pmol nitrogen11 (5%) and nitrite nitrogen from 14.51 to 9.03 pmol nitrogen11 (22 %). The removal of total nitrogen from the aquaculture system was found to be 45 % when treated with seaweed. The concentration of toxic nitrogenous wastes was found to be always at a lower level in the integrated system when compared to the monoculture system. Seaweeds of economical importance can be used in aquaculture system to improve water quality and generate revenue for the industry.


Seaweed cum shrimp culture, toxic nitrogen, bioremediation

Date : 30-12-2005