Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 45 Issue 2

Histopathological survey of cultured shrimps in Cochin, Kerala

Liya Ambipillai, K. S. Sobhana, K. C. George and N. K. Sanil

A disease survey was conducted using histopathological tools in a cross section of shrimp farming area-in Cochin during March to June, 2001. Shrimp samples collected from 26 farms comprised of Penaeus indicus, P. monodon, and Metapenaeus dobsoni. The major pathological condition recorded was the presence of chronic inflammatory lesions characteristic of systemic bacterial infection and was observed in 42% of the farms surveyed. In 19% of the farms, hepatopancreatic pathology, typical of oral/enteric vibriosis was recorded. Mortality of P. rnonodon due to mixed infection of MBV and vibriosis was recorded in one farm. Fouling of shrimps by the ciliate protozoan, Zoothamnium could be detected only in 8% of the cases. Abnormal conditions such as spontaneous muscle necrosis, dark coloured gills and brown discolouration of the shell were recorded in 36% of the farms. White spot viral inclusions were not recorded in the target tissues of the samples examined during the period of survey. No apparent pathological conditions were recorded in 27% of the farms surveyed.

Date : 30-12-2003