Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 43 Issue 1&2

Ecological and ethnobotanical studies in Acanthus ilicifolius Linn.

K. P. Lissy and Thara K. Simon

Acanthus ilicifolius Linn., a typical mangrove associate grows gregariously along the coasts of Cochin backwaters  and marshy wetlands. Typical mangrove adaptations such as presence of pneumatophores and vilvipary lack in them. However' they are provided with efficient saline tolerant adaptations such as thick cuticle, well developed hypodermis, presence of lipids and salt glands. The soil analysis from two sites in the monsoon season indicate that the species has wide ecological amplitude. Efficiency of the vegetative propagation through the reclining stems adds to its efficiency as a sand binder to prevent soil erosion and to resist winds, currents of the shores. The ethnomedicinal significance of the species is also highlighted.

Date : 30-12-2001