Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 42 Issue 1&2

Food and feeding habits of Malabar sole Cyanoglossus macrostomus Norman.

A. A. Jayaprakash

The food and feeding habits of Malabar sole Cynoglossus macrostomus Norman occurring along the coastal seas off Kerala were studied both qualitatively and quantitatively during 1994-96. The samples for the study were collected from three widely located centres like Cochin, Ambalapuzha and Neendakara. The fish mainly adapted to a bottom habitat feeds on polychaetes and detritus, amphipods, copepods, small molluscs and foraminifera. Active feeding was found immediately after spawining during October - November and February March. There was not much difference in the forage items noticed at different centres. Since the detritus is an important food component followed by other macrobenthos the fish can safely be placed between trophic level I and 11.

Date : 30-12-2000