Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 41 Issue 1&2

Laboratory rearing and seed production of the mud crab Scylla oceanica (Dana).

M. K. Anil and C.Suseelan

The green mud crab Scylla oceanica (Dana) was successfully reared, from egg to crab instar under laboratory conditions. Maximum period of egg incubation was noted to be 13 days. The larvae were reared through five meal and one megalopa stage to crab instar. It took a minimum of 17 days to complete all the meal stages and a minimum of 6 days to moult from megalopa to crab stage. Effect of individual food items such as Chlorella salina, Artemia, Brachionus, microencapsulated feed and egg custard as well as their three combinations viz., combination of frozen Artemia nauplii, Brachionus and microencapsulated feed (Treatment A) combination of frozen Artemia nauplii, Brachionus and Chlorella (Treatment B) and combination of Artemia nauplii suspension, Brachionus with antibacterial chemical prefuran (Treatment C) on the development and survival of the larvae was also studied. Treatment C gave the best survival of 23%.



Date : 30-12-1999