Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 39 Issue 1&2

Occurrence and abundance of benthic polychaetes in Hooghly estuary, Sagar Island, India

S.K. Chakraborty and A. Choudhury

Quantitative assessment of Benthic polychaetes and seasonal changes in their abundance were studied from two selected intertidal belts of Hooghly estuary, Sagar Island, India during March, 1983 to February, 1985. The 14 species of polychaetes belonging to 6 families and 13 genera showed different seasonal hnd in their population density. Family Capitallidae represented higher density and diversity in the community. The polychaete species were correlated with noted ecological parameters like salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, organic carbon and texture of the sediment. Multiple regression analysis suggested integrated effect of seven ecological parameters on seasonal abundance of polychaete species. Results of ANOVA Test indicate that population of some dominant polychaete species varied significantly over months and study sites.



Date : 30-12-1997