Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 39 Issue 1&2

Qualitative and quantitative composition of zooplankton communities of Rambha .Bay (Chilka Lake, Bay of Bengal)

P. K. Pattnaik and A.L.N. Sarma

Spatial and temporal changes in the qualitative and quantitative composition of zooplankton communities of Rambha Bay located in the southern sector of Chilka lagoon were studied in relation (D the ambient physico-chemical conditions during January-December, 1982. 'Ihe hydrological regime showed annual fluctuations ranging from 9.99%-16.67% for salinity; 4.03 ml/1-7.50 ml/1 for dissolved oxygen; 24o-3loC for surface water temperature; 8.18-8.81 for pH; 97 mg/l-123 mg/l for alkalinity; 0.08 ug at/L-3.5 pg at/L for alkalinity; 0.08 pg aVL - 3.5 pg at/L for phosphate-phosphorous; 0.04 pg aat/LZ.O pg at/L for nitrate-nitrite and 30.8 pg a W 9 . 8 pg a f i for silicate-silicon respectively. The zooplankton density, volume and dry weight values (all gauged per 100 m3 water filtered) revealed wide fluctuations in different months. As many as 15 zooplanktonic taxa were encountered, of which Copepoda, Luciferidae, Protozoeae, Chaetognatha, Nauplii, fish eggs and larve, Coelenterate medusae, Amphipoda and Zoeae were the dominant denizens in the order of their abundance.



Date : 30-12-1997