Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 38 Issue 1&2

On the food habits of the fishes of the family carangidae- A review

S. Sivakami

An attempt has been made in this paper to review the food habits of the fishes of the family Carangidae, Carangids are pelagic carnivores feeding mainly on crustaceans and fishes. Species such as Megalaspis cordyln, AIepes djednbn and Decapterus dnyi show a prefetence for young fishes especially Stolephorus spp. and the correspondence in the season of their landings can be utilish in enhancing the fishery of carangids preferably using Stoleplzortis spp. as baits in gears like hooks and line. Carangids exhibit variations in food preference in juvenile and adults, the former preferring planktonic crustaceans and the latter mainly fish juveniles. Feeding intensity was found more in juveniles and immature fish than in breeders. The carangids are observed to feed more during night probably orientating their food using their visual organs and lateral line system. This higher rate of feeding during light may be made use of in capturing them during the late hours using artificial light. 


Carangids, food composition, food preference, feeding intensity diminal feeding

Date : 30-12-1996