Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 37 Issue 1&2

Studies on the distribution of gastropoda (Mollusca) in a mangrove forest (Prentice Island) of Sundarbans, India.

Bhrigu Nath Singh and Amalesh Choudhury.

Observations were made on the distribution of gastropods in a mangrove forest of Sundarbans, West Bengal, India.  The fauna can be categorised into two divisions: (i) those living attached to the stems and leaves of the mangroves and (ii) those distributed on the creek bank subject to daily tidal inundation and exposure. Littorina spp. Were common on the trees and not on the ground. Assiminea, Cerithidea and Telescopium were generally encountered on the ground. The abundance of gastropods reached maximum at creek bank and declined sharply towards the deep forest. The results obtained during the present study have been discussed and compared with those reported from South India, Malaysia, South Africa and Thailand.

Date : 30-12-1995