Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 36 Issue 1&2

Histochemical localization of sulphated polysaccharides in the tissue of the blood clam Anadara rhombea.

S. T.Somasundaram, A. Dey and A. Subramanian

Histochemical analyses of sulphated polysaccharides were made in mantle, palp, foot, gill and adductor muscle of the  blood clam Anadara rhombea . Specific staining procedures such as PAS, alcian blue pH 2.5 and 1.0, aldehyde fuchsin, combined alcainblu pH 2.5/PAS, alcain blue pH 1.0/PAS, aldehyde fuchsin/alcain blue pH 2.5 were followed. The mantle, palp, foot, gill and adductor muscle have contained PAS positive, sulphated acid polysaccharides.

Date : 30-12-1994