Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 36 Issue 1&2

Fishery and biology of Atropus atropos (Bloch and Schneider) from Veraval.

Sadashiv G. Raje

The fishery of Atropus Atropos formed on an average 7.86% and 0.37% of the total carangids landings in trawl and gill nets respectively at Veraval. There is no significant difference in the regression coefficient between males and females and common equation for length-weight relationship is fitted. The minimum size at first maturity for females was found to be 210 mm. The relative condition factor have been interpreted sexwise in relation to various months. The rise and fall in Kn values in the case of females seen more correlated with the maturity of gonads. Maturity studies indicated that spawning period of prolonged nature. The estimated fecundity varied from 31,432 to 372344in fish size of 165-253 mm length and increased with increase in size of fish. Empty stomach were evident in most of the months and low feeding intensity appears to be associated with breeding period during certain months. This species is pelagic, cornivorus feeder. The food items found in gut, in the order of preference are Acetes spp., cephalopods, teleost, copepods and squilla spp.

Date : 30-12-1994