Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 31 Issue 1&2

Age and growth in Penaeus monodon Fabricius of Porto Novo Coast.

K. Sriraman, S. Ajmalkhan and R. Natarajan

Length frequency distribution was not helpful in tracing the growth of this species. Months mode curves revealed 4 broods in an year. Based on these, it was traced that females can grow upto 185 and 265 mm and males upto 155 and 237 mm in the I and II years respectively. Growth assessed by probability plot was found to be 120,199, 273 and 296 mm for females and 120, 176,224 and 253 mm for males in the 0,1, n and III year of life respectively. Employing von Bertalanffy's growth equation it was found that females car grow upto 118.79, 198.42, 262.13 and 287.56 mm and males 113.37,173.04,217.35 and 250.15 mm respectively in the 0,1, 11 and in year. The asymptotic length calculated by Ford- Walford method was 360 mm in females and 338 mm in males.

Date : 31-12-1989