Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 31 Issue 1&2

Hooks and line fishery in North Kerala with particular reference to catfish resources.

N. Gopinatha Menon, V. N. Bande and K. Balachandran

The paper deals with the hooks and line fishery along North Kerala during 1979-1985. Marine cat-fishes were traditionally harvested from this area by non-mechanised gears, such as hooks and line, drift net and boat-seines till early sixties. The operations by hooks and line yielded a steady catch. The catfishes alone contributed about 90% in the hooks and line landings. The dominant species in the landings were Tachysurus tenuispinis, T. dussumieri and T. thalassinus from the depth ranges of 40-70 m and T. serratus from 10-30 m. T. tenuispinis is vulnerable to the gear at the age of 3 years and above and T. dussumieri, T. thalassinus and T. serratus at the ages 4, 2 and 6 years and above respectively. Introduction of trawlers and purse seiners initially contributed to a sudden hike in its production. But exploitation of juveniles and eggs/embryos carrying male brooders on large-scale, ultimately resulted in low recruitment. As brooders are not susceptible to fishery by hooks and line, it is suggested to intensify the catfish fishing by this gear.

Date : 31-12-1989