Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 29 Issue 1&2

Recent trends in Fisheries Research.

C. V. Kurian

The potential of the sea serves as an important protein to augment the world's food supplies and the recent developments in the technology of fishing have significantly helped the increased exploitation of fishery resources. But considering the protein requirement of the increasing population more resources have to be found and exploitation of untapped offshore resources besides culture of fast growing species has to be resorted to. Meanwhile, trends in the depletion of the existing fishery in certain areas have to be monitored and adequate preventions taken. The problem of environmental degradation owing to pollution and consequent destruction of fishery in the estuaries and near shore waters have to be assessed. Extension of aquaculture in areas unutilised at present is suggested as the immediate solution for increasing fish production. But procurement of adequate seeds of finfish and shell fish as and when required is one of the major handicaps experienced by the fish farmer.

Exploration of unutilised and under exploited grounds, research on probable depletion of existing commercial species, prevention of pollution in the estuaries and coastal waters, determination of factors responsible for the breeding of fast growing species such as milkfish, mullets and penaeid prawns, hatchery management for the production of fish seed under controlled conditions and evolving of fast growing hybrids suitable for different environment are suggested as some of the problems which need immediate attention.

Date : 31-12-1987