Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 2 Issue 2

On the newly hatched phyllosoma of Scyllarus sordidus (Stimpson)

Raghu Prasad R.and P. R. S. Tampi

PALINURID lobsters are easily obtainable along the Indian coast but among the scyllarids only Thenus orientalis has so far been found to be common, although besides this about twelve species belonging to Scyllarus, Scyllarides and Parribacus have been recorded from our waters. Nevertheless, the occurrence of different types of scyllarid phyllosomas in the seas surrounding our coast has been observed by the authors (1957 and 1960) and constant efforts are being made to collect the various adult forms and also to ascertain the species to which the different types of larvae belong. Recently the authors were able to obtain in the shore seine catches from the Gulf of Mannar near Mandapam, during the months of January and February, several adults of Scyllarus sordidus both males and berried females. De Man (1916) mentions this species as occurring in the Gulf of Mannar and remarks that the adults are usually found in shallow waters inhabiting coral reefs or places where the bottom is composed of sand and shells. 


Scyllarus sordidus, phyllosoma

Date : 30-12-1960