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CONTENTS of Volume 43 Issue 1&2

UV radiation and natural fluorescence linked primary F roduction in Antarctic waters.

A. Lokabharathi, L. Krishnakumari, P. M. A. Bhattathiri and C. Chandramohan

Seasonal distribution of phytoplankton in Nethravathi estuary, Mangalore.

G. Gowda. T. R. C. Guvta. K. M. Raiesh. Ra,ie sh.* H. Gowda. C. Lingdhal and A. M. Ramesh


Comparative growth of seven species of micro algae in artificial and natural media.

K. Vijayakumaran, K. Chittibabu and K. G. Girijavallabhan /

Short-term UV-B radiation induced changes in marine micro algae

C. Poppy Mary Vimalabai and G. Kulandaivelu. /