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CONTENTS of Volume 31 Issue 1&2

Perspectives of environmental impact assessment of marine resources.

J. S. S. Lakshminaraya and Sita Devi Jonnavittula

On the mortality and stranding of marine mammals and turtles at Gahirmatha, Orissa from 1983 to 1987.

P. S . B. R. James, M. Rajagopalan, S S. Dan, Bastian Fernando and V. Selvaraj

Larval development of Metapenaeus moyebi (Kishinouye) reared in the laboratory.

G.Nandakumar, N. N. Pillai, K. Y. Telang and K. Balachandran

Fish sauce from tropical fish.

A. Lakhshmy Nair, P. Ravinthranathan Nair, A. Vasanth Shenoy and K. Gopakumar

Variation in meroplankton along 78'E meridian.

T. Balachandran and K. J. Peter

Marine fish marketkg trend in Kerala.

K. K. P. Panikkar and R. Sathiadas

Studies on minced fish storage and quality improvement.

Jose Joseph, Chinnamma George and A. Perigreen

A method of correction for diel effects on observations, in assessing the annual variations of a parameter

MURTY A. V. S. /


Agar, algin and mannitol from some seaweeds of Lakshadweep

N. Kaliaperumal, S. Kalimuthu and J. R. Ramalingam /