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Symposium Tracks

Symposium Tracks

The Symposium will have three sessions. First one targeting the research updates whereas the second session will be on the way ahead to control marine debris. The third will be a photo and video exhibition to create public awareness.

Session 1: Marine Debris-Threats

This will have one Invited talk followed by oral presentations. There can be single slide in the form of poster which will convey the message. Researchers from Universities, Institutes and other developmental organisations can present their research findings on the following themes.

  • Regional assessments
  • Impacts on resources/habitats
  • Micro plastics in ecosystem
  • Plastics in food chain
  • Leaching of chemicals from plastics
  • Ghost nets/fishing
  • Mapping and modelling
  • Impacts on livelihood- Fisheries/tourism/farming
  • Impacts on coastal health

The session will conclude with recommendations for future research directions.

Session 2: Marine Debris-Management

This session will have an invited talks on waste management and recycling of plastics. This session will have people’s participation. The following themes will be covered.

  • Success stories on waste management
  • Removal and processing of accumulated marine debris
  • Infrastructure for debris management models or prototypes for plastic waste recycling/processing
  • New Packaging for reducing use of plastics
  • Policy – Strategies and implementation


  • Photo/Poster session

The Symposium Expo will also display photographs (max 8 mb)and posters on the main theme “Marine Debris” contributed by researchers and public. More focus can be on

  • How the coastal ecosystem has degraded over the years.
  • Clean up activities, monitoring
  • Inspirational clean- up programs

These will be digital posters/ photos.

  • Short Video Competition

Short videos (max 25mb, 45 seconds) conveying a crisp message can be submitted in a new competitive section. Details will be provided in the website.

  • Exhibition

Government organizations, NGO's, entrepreneurs and other business units related to recycling and litter management including degradable and non-degradable can participate in the exhibition arranged at the venue of the conference.

COMAD 2018 Programme Guide
COMAD 2018 Brochure
Abstract Preparation - Guidelines

The Venue

dream hotel

Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), Kochi


The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi, is a premier research Institute under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, devoted to research and training in marine fisheries, mariculture and marine environment. ICAR-CMFRI has three Regional Centres viz., Mandapam Camp, Visakhapatnam & Veraval and eight Research Centres located along the Indian coastline, catering to the marine fishery policy needs of all maritime states of the country.

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