Dr. E. G. Silas Small Grant Programme


Marine Biological Association of India 

(MBAI- Dr. E. G. Silas SGP)


The Small Grant is awarded by the Marine Biological Association of India to encourage and reward brilliant young graduate students to pursue small and significant research activity, related to marine ecosystem/ fisheries.


Encourage students to develop skill in preparing research projects, managing the project budget  and also preparing reports.


The grant


The Small Grant amount is Rs 20,000 and will be awarded for one project. This will be awarded for a specific study once a year.The grant shall be used only for the approved project work.


Eligibility for Small Grant


The grant will be awarded to post graduate students of Marine Biology, Fisheries, Aquaculture or related life sciences. Only Students who have completed the first /second semester / or are in the third semester can apply.


Selection process


The advertisement calling for proposals for the award of Small Grant Research of MBAI will be uploaded on July on the MBAI website. The deadlines are


July 1 to  30th August  - Submission of application form

September  10th -  Declaration of awarde

Disbursement of grant – Before 30th September

A short research program relevant to the marine /coastal  ecosystem, marine  biology, or fisheries. Proposals on short studies on marine mammals, sea/coastal birds, turtles, will also be considered. The project should  be prepared in the prescribed format given in the MBAI website  and submitted on line to the MBAI. Hard copy also be submitted to the MBAI.


The proposal should be an original idea specifying  the work envisaged and its relevance. 


 Students are eligible for the grant only once.


The number of entries from an organization / College/Institute is restricted to three in one year.  (In case there are more applicants from an Institute screening should be done at the Institute itself and only three should be forwarded to MBAI)  


The grant can be used for a laboratory  work or  field study (including behavioural studies or visual recording of unusual /rare natural changes/relationships.)


The proposal will be evaluated by a team of experts and the selection will be based on the relevance of the project.


Utilization of the grant amount


The research program should be completed within four months of receipt of funds.  The grant amount can be used for local travels in connection with the project and contingencies. Small instruments if required in the project can be purchased and will be the property of the Institute after the completion of the project. 


Submission of Final Report 


The final report must be vetted by the mentor. On completion of the research work, the report should be submitted to the MBAI within two months. Detailed template for project report submission is given separately in the website.


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