Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 18 Issue 1

Endectyon lamellosa n.sp. (Demospongiae : Poecilosclerida :Raspailiidae) from the Indian Seas and a revised key to the Indian species of Endectyon Topsent.

P. A. Thomas

Hitherto only two species of Endectyon Topsent (E. frutkosa and E. thurstoni (Dendy, 1887)) are known to occur in the Indian Seas. But an extensive survey undertaken during the years 1964-67 revealed the presence of a new species in the Indian Seas, and a detailed description of the same is furnished in the present communication.

The present new species differs from the previously known species mentioned above, both in the form of growth and spicular constitution. Taking the lamellar form of growth found in the present new species into account the specific name lamellosa is suggested here. In addition to the characteristic echinating acanthostyles (grapnel like spicules) found in E .fruticosa and E. thurstoni, another category of echinating spicule, acanthostrongyle, is also added on to the spicules of the present new species, and in this respect this comes close to E. teissieri Cabioch (1968) from Roscoff and E. delaubenfelsi Burton (1930) from Plymouth. The form of growth found in the new species tallies well with that of E. teissieri Cabioch and E. delaubenfelsi Burton, but differs considerably from these in the spicular dimensions.

Date : 30-04-1976