Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 17 Issue 3

Distribution of copper in the aquatic environment of the Bombay Harbour Bay.

S. Ganapathy and K. C. Pillai

Copper is an essential constituent of living matter. Because of its biological significance it is necessary to obtain information on the distribution of copper in the aquatic environment. Even though estimation of copper in the off-shore waters in the Arabian Sea have been reported, no detailed studies on the copper content in the different matrices of an estuarine environment have been made.

The paper reports concentration of copper obtained in sea water, marine organisms and sediments collected from different locations in Bombay Harbour Bay. The estimation of copper was carried out using sodium diethyl dithio carbamate as a complexing agent. Contamination arising from reagent chemicals used were also investigated.

It was observed that copper concentration in sea water in the bay varies from 2.67.34P-g/l. Of the organisms studied barnacles and crab showed high concentration factors for copper. Bottom sediments in the bay had copper concentrations ranging from 162276/tg/g. There was no correlation between organic matter and copper content in the sediment. Other parameters which influence the distribution of copper in sediments like particle size distribution are being investigated.

Date : 30-12-1975