Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 15 Issue 2

On some interesting fishes from the southwest coast of India

M.D.K. Kuthalingam, M. S. Rajagopalan, P. V. Sreenivasan, S. Lazarus and P. Livingston

The marine fish fauna occurring at Vizhinjam usually consists of a variety of interesting species and this note deals with the diagnostic characters of nine species of fishes which were collected during field trips. These are: Velifer africanus, Samaris cristatus, Aspidonotus tractus, Uraspis helvola, Thyrsoidea macrura, Chihmyeterus orbicularis, Diodon hystrix, D. holacanthus and D. maculifer. Of these Velifer africanus is a new record to the Indian Seas. Thyrsoidea macrura described herein is the longest specimen of giant moray eel hitherto recorded.

Date : 31-12-1973