Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 14 Issue 2

Medium cloud distribution over North Indian Ocean in Monsoon fields revealed by aircraft reports.

M. V. Dekate

This study was undertaken because most of the surface observations (synoptic as well as metars) report the medium clouds at a height of about 3 km. However, available radar observations show convective activity in SW monsoon season extending to about 6 km over peninsular India. From physical consideration a doubt has arisen whether stratified clouds of AS-type can exist within the convective layer. Data from turbo-prop aircraft which fly near the level of the middle clouds were studied with special reference to the occurrence and height of the clouds. The results indicate that whenever convective clouds in the lower levels and the middle clouds above occurred at the same place, the base of the latter was well above the top of the former and in many cases it was just at the top of the cumulus cloud. However, in many of the areas where vigorous convective activity was present and cloud tops reached great heights, AS was totally absent.

Date : 30-12-1972