Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 14 Issue 2

Mediterranean fishes in the Indian Ocean.

Enrico Tortonese

A number of fishes living in the Mediterranean are also recorded from the Indian Ocean. Many of them are surely present in this area. Some are pelagic or bathypelagic species, widely distributed in different oceans. Others exist only in the SW or western part of the Indian Ocean and may be present all around Africa. They are evidently adapted to rather various environmental conditions. A small number, like Syngnathus acus, have been reported from several Indian localities but their taxonomic status is not exactly known. Of particular interest are the fishes living in the Red Sea. Nearly 30 species immigrated from this sea into the Mediterranean, where some are now spreading westwards. A much smaller number of species (about 7-8) moved in the opposite direction, but do not seem to have gone far from Suez. Their present status is not at all clear and awaits further investigations.


Date : 30-12-1972