Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 1 Issue 2

The Ecological and fisheries characteristics of a salt water lagoon near Mandapam.

Tampi P. R. S.

The existence of vast, saline, water-logged areas along the Indian coast and the possibilities of developing some of these for increasing our fish resources have been brought to the attention of the public from time to time. Owing to their peculiar physical and chemical characteristics, these bodies of water constitute distinct categories of biological environment often different from the backwaters along the "south-west coast of the Indian Peninsula. However, a closer study would reveal the productive potential of even these lagoons which, in their own way, indicate some scope for further development and greater utilization. Situated along the south-east coast of Madras State near Mandapam (09° 17'N, and 79° 06'E) in the Ramanathapuram district is one such lagoon typical of the low-lying areas along this part of the coast. Because of the importance of this lagoon in the economy of the villages in its immediate vicinity it was considered desirable to undertake a general survey of its existing biological and fishery characteristics which are presented in this report so as to furnish a general background while considering any organised programme of utilization and management of its resources.


Ecology biology, Saline water lagoon, Palk Bay, South-east coast of India

Date : 03-12-1959