Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 49 Issue 1
Metabolism in the baby clam Marcia opima
N. Suja
Oxygen consumption and ammonia excretion in different size groups of clam, Marcia opima collected from
Tuticorin Bay in Tamil Nadu was studied. Oxygen: Nitrogen ratio was calculated by using atomic equivalents
and ranged between 133 - 175 for small, 97 – 117.2 for medium and 63.5 – 75.8 for large clams on day one.
After day 3, the range was 238.4 – 282.1, 160.9 – 189 and 100 - 137.5 respectively. During starvation, a
decline in excretion rate has been observed, which can be proposed as an index of stress. The study supports
interaction of oxygen consumption and nitrogen excretion, which can provide a better understanding of the
oxidative and nitrogen metabolism in the clam.
Date : 23-02-2008