Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 49 Issue 1
Sediment transport and bioinvasion − Possible impact of Tsunami − Protodriloides chaetifer an example
Priyalakshmi, G. and N. R. Menon
The occurrence of Protodriloides chaetifer (Remane, 1926) on the Indian coast is recorded for the first time
from the sandy beaches of Fort Kochi (9°48’ N and 76°5’ E) and Arthungal (9°30’N and 76°23’E). These
interstitial polychaetes are characterized by the presence of segmented vermiform body, non- canaliculated
tentacles, greenish and colourless epidermal glands, paired, segmentally arranged S- shaped bifid chaetae
and bilobed pygidium bearing adhesive glands.Massive transportation of marine sediments brought about
by the devastating tsunami might have led to the bioinvasion of this species to this tropical coast. This species
was conspicuously absent in the samples collected from the same localities during the pre-monsoon period
of 2003-2004.
Date : 23-02-2008