Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 49 Issue 1
Distribution and biology of the deep-sea eel, Gavialiceps taeniola along the continental slope off Indian EEZ
Divya Thankappan, Hashim Manjebrayakath and A.A.Jayaprakash
The distribution, abundance and biological characteristics of the deep-sea eel Gavialiceps taeniola
(Alcock,1889) caught by deep-sea trawling on board FORV Sagar Sampada along the continental slope in
the depth zone 200 –1000m, off the west and east coast of India are reported. This species was found
abundant at 100N and 800E in east coast and in west coast at Lat 90N and Long 750E. Females dominated the
catch. Length range varied from 16 to 82 cm. The b value in length weight relationship was < 3, which
showed that the fish becomes slender as length increases.
Deep-sea eel, Gavialiceps taeniola, continental slope, EEZ India
Date : 20-02-2008