Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 64 Issue 1

Rediscovery of Ram’s horn squid, Spirula spirula (Cephalopoda: Spirulidae), from the Arabian Sea

K. K. Sajikumar, M. P. Rajeesh Kumar, P. Laxmilatha, M. Hashim, V. Venkatesan and N. Saravanane

This study describes the rediscovery of the largely uncommon, mesopelagic cephalopod, Spirula spirula, from the Arabian Sea. This is the first confirmed record of the species from the seas around India after 80 years of its original record. Four specimens were collected from the Arabian Sea from a depth of 450 m, during the fishery surveys onboard the FORV Sagar Sampada, using a mid-water trawl net. The dorsal mantle length (DML) of the individuals ranged from 27 to 36 mm. Detailed morphometric measurements and previous distribution records are also provided


Arabian Sea, Ram’s horn squid, mesopelagic, chambered shell

Date : 30-03-2022