Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 62 Issue 1

First distributional report of Filinia camasecla Myers, 1938 (Rotifera: Eurotatoria: Monogononta) from peninsular India

Asha Ravi, K. R. Aju, Molly Varghese and K. K. Joshi

This work reports the first distributional record of Filinia camasecla Myers, 1938 in south India from the Cochin backwaters on the northern stretch of Lake Vembanad. Earlier, the distribution of this species has been known from Oriental (South East-Asia) and Neotropical biogeographical realms. Though it comes under the oriental endemics no previous records of this species were available from this area or other parts of Vembanad backwaters. The occurrence of F. camasecla in this additional geographic region highlights the range extension of the species.


Filinia camasecla, Lake Vembanad, rotifers, distribution

Date : 30-07-2020