Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 62 Issue 1

Influence of certain environmental parameters on mass production of rotifers: A review

Loveson L. Edward, P. Laxmilatha, K. Sreeramulu, L. Ranjith and Sekar Megarajan

Larviculture of many finfishes and crustaceans in aquaculture depends mainly on the live feed and its unavailability in sufficient quantity is hampering its expansion and culture progress all around the world. The most suitable feed for marine finfish larvae is the commonly available zooplankton species such as rotifer, copepods and Artemia nauplii. Among all, the live feed that has been demonstrated more successfully as the first feed for most of the marine finfish species is rotifer. Optimum conditions are required for better growth, reproduction and increased productivity of rotifers. The major factors that influence the population size of rotifer are temperature and salinity. Hence, the impact of environmental parameters with special focus on the salinity and temperature on the increase in biomass and smaller rotifer production is of utmost importance in the present scenario


 Live feed, larviculture, zooplankton

Date : 30-07-2020