Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 60 Issue 2

New record of Abralia (Heterabralia) siedleckyi Lipinski, 1983  (Cephalopoda: Enoploteuthidae) from south-eastern Arabian Sea with some remarks about its biology

K. K. Sajikumar, Marek R. Lipinski, V. Venkatesan, G. Sasikumar and K. S. Mohamed

Specimens of oceanic squid, Abralia (Heterabralia) siedleckyi Lipinski, 1983 were collected from the south-eastern Arabian Sea using midwater trawl (horizontally at 200 m depth) during night operations in two cruises on 18 April 2015 and 26 February 2017. Description and morphological measurements of the specimens are provided. The record of this mesopelagic squid from the Arabian Sea is an addition to the cephalopod fauna of the Indian Ocean and India. The statolith based age analysis indicates that a 29.1 mm dorsal mantle length specimen had 93 day’s age with a growth rate of 0.31 mm DML/day.


Arabian Sea, Enoploteuthidae, statolith, mesopelagic, India, photophore

Date : 15-01-2019