Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 60 Issue 1

Length-weight relationship and condition factor of Dawkinsia filamentosa (Valenciennes, 1844) in different aquatic habitats

Thankam Theresa Paul, Asha T. Landge, U. K. Sarkar, Geethanjali Deshmukh, K. G. Padmakumar, Shyam S. Salim and V. S. Basheer

The growth rate of a species in any aquatic environment is an indicator of the water quality of the system. In the current study, the Length-weight relationship (LWR) and the condition factor of Dawkinsia filamentosa from various aquatic ecosystems especially lotic, lentic and brackish lentic systems were compared. It was observed that growth rate of the fish was more in brackish lentic systems. The study showed that already reported growth rate (b) of the species in brackish lentic systems is around 3.273 indicating proximity towards the isometric growth pattern as compared to the growth rate in reservoirs (2.3184) and that in lentic systems (3.116) obtained from present study. Similar studies supplemented with environmental variables can be used to study the health status of the ecosystem. The best system suitable for the adaptive growth of the species can be ascertained only after a holistic approach involving environmental variables.


Lotic, lentic, LWR, condition factor, growth rate

Date : 29-07-2018