Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 60 Issue 1

Population characters of silverbelly Photopectoralis bindus (Valenciennes, 1835) along the Ratnagiri coast of India

B. S. Borah, V. H. Nirmale, S. Y. Metar, R. A. Pawar and B. P. Bhosale

Photopectoralis bindus is one of the major species of pony fishes landed as bycatch from Ratnagiri coast. Given the fact that intrinsic relationship exists between major species and as each species has got its own stock size, it becomes imperative to study the fishing pressure exerted on each such species. In the present study, age and growth of pony fish Photopectoralis bindus (Valenciennes, 1835) was estimated from the length frequency data by using FiSAT computer package. The growth parameters L∞, K and t0 for P. bindus was estimated as 144.38 mm, 1.69 year-1 and -0.0066 years respectively. The estimated mortality rates, Z, M and F were 6.39, 1.59 and 4.80 respectively. This species attains a size of 89.5, 123.5 and 136 mm in total length at the end of six, twelve and eighteen months respectively. The exploitation ratio (E) and Emax obtained for the species was 0.75 and 0.89 respectively. Though the Emax obtained at higher side, exploiting the fish up to that measures are certainly difficult. 


Growth, mortality, yield/recruit, Photopectoralis bindus, Ratnagiri

Date : 15-07-2018